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Styles men should choose ideal for their first date

There are many ways you can dress to kill or make an impression; however, you will not get one of them, which say you should wear skimpy or tight outfits. Additionally, if you are expecting to have a date soon with your dream girl, then you should keen read or follow these tips on how to dress appropriately. If you're dating a millenial girl, you should also have a look here.

1 You should never wear a khaki outfit.

It is a tip that most people will ignore because they seem to be perfect and a new trend.  Despite it being dressy in comparison to jeans or it looks more casual than the normal pants; you should not wear it on your first date.  Moreover, fashion expert is recommending not wearing it because it is sending a message you are going to a workplace and not a date.

 When they compare it to jeans, they are not sexy or classy like jeans.  Moreover, jeans are exclusive or fashionable and are slowly finding their place in the dating zone. Additionally, fashion experts no longer have any problem with one wearing jeans for their first dates. Besides, they are recommending it more than any other clothes.

2. You should avoid wearing a shirt that has strip lines.

You should remember it is your first date and you are not certain what she likes or dislike hence wearing a striped shirt might put her off especially if it is not her favorite designs. Moreover, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then wearing a polo or a subtle shirt. The latter is a shirt that does have a fine or acceptable pattern.

3.  You should wear a leather jacket.

Especially during winter, it is appropriate to wear leather jackets. Besides, there is no doubt; there is no other clothing that can match the elegance or masculinity of clothing comparing them with it. Moreover, a black leather jacket will never crush with your skin color or the clothes you are wearing.

4. You should wear light colors

You should spice up your black leather jacket by wearing a light colored shirt not unless you are meeting a Goth woman. Moreover, you should avoid wearing clothes that have beige colors as neutral colors represent boring nature, and you do not want her to interpret it like that. You should remind yourself that you want a flawless meeting hence everything should be perfect.

5. You should incorporate an exclusive watch.

 You should wear an elegant or nice watch depending on your likes. Moreover, wearing it, it takes you to a long way as it represents how you are organized, or you are a person who hates being late hence you do keep time. Furthermore, it is an attractive jewelry that does not necessarily define your class, but it shows you are stylish.

6. You should wear fitting boots

You should wear them, especially when you are staying late at night, and it might be cold. However, for your jeans or shirts alone, wearing sneakers or any matching footwear is right.


Mens Hair

Men's haircuts are as varied today as they are for women, and just as stylish. Not to mention that men are just as apt to use hair color for that final touch - ultimately to look good at their first date.

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Long hairstyles get a bad rap sometimes. We hear people complaining that they can't do anything with it. Nonsense! Many people like long hair - so do your best!

Short Hair

Short hairstyles are fun and sexy, and require little prep time in the morning when you are in a rush. And: for classy dates short hair are very attracting.


Prom, Wedding, or an Updo for the Night. With a great hair styling your chances increase to have a successful date. When I noticed that with different hair styles I attract different people, I dediced to write my findings in a blog. Welcome on my site!

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