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What to consider when dating a Scandinavian

I have been receiving many contacts by people who want to date a Scandinavian, especially after publishing or releasing my dating story with one of them. It is a scenario that I can simply relate to a person who is in the wrong relationship. He or she is in a wrong relationship, the more it gets ugly, the more they have the hope of relinquishing their relationship.

It is a similar case like when you want to date a Scandinavian. They are nice people; however, dating to them has slowly been losing its meaning. Moreover, it is a tough luck or imaging of a better working relationship when there is one. Although, they do know the meaning of dating, they are classifying it as some practices that are so traditional.

So you may wonder if they hardly date or marry how they make it to the list of the happiest people in the world. Moreover, how do they procreate or raise their kids when there is no family structure or foundation to support them? So, here comes the narration of my story. For some years, I was living in Norway while studying for my career.

It was during this period where I met Jan; he was a man in his late twenties. Our first meeting was awesome but intentional. It is because I was new in the school and I was going around just familiarizing myself with my new school compound. However, I do not know if it’s the same building color that was confusing or is it because I was so green; I ended in their class.

 I was looking lost since I could not remember where my class was, and I was going around the new class checking if I can be able to spot my class. However, now I was starting to attract some attention during that time I could hear some girls gossiping about me in low voices. The whole scenario was happening until I was standing where Jan was.

He was looking like a nice person unlike the mean people you find in upper classes who can either bully or mistreat you. I told him how I got lost and was requesting if he can show me how to find my way to my class. Additionally, he was kind enough to take me there.  Occasionally, he would, or I would greet him while going to my class and from we started developing a strong relationship.

Below are some of the features I was learning about their culture while I was in this relationship.

- You should train yourself for a long wait to live in with them. I am not saying that you will not find some who will introduce this initiative, he might be eager; however, those men who are eager to have relationships with you are probably the kind of men you would not want near you. Furthermore, they are hard to find. Research is showing more than twenty percent of Scandinavian men are afraid of involving themselves in relationships not unless you are willing to live with them by taking the first step.

- Moreover, you will never get a ride from or to the hotel, you are going to meet one of them. It is not because they are mean or selfish or insecure but prefer not to use their personal cars while going out for fun. However, for rural men, they will use their cars but for us who are living in the suburbs, most often we will ride a bicycle or buses or trams.

- Furthermore, they understand and accept it is not right to drink then drive home or your friends’ home. It is something that we should emulate them.

- The best part is their culture prohibits them to date more than one lady. The still stick to that rule, even though there are now so many online dating opportunities out there.  Additionally, it is not a bad thing unless you do not want commitments, or you are yet to decide which one they are the one.

Despite loving Jan, I could barely accept the fact that I would not have a church wedding it is against my beliefs, so we had to break up, and since I had completed my studies, actually I was working by then I left for my country.

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