Styles men should choose ideal for their first date

There are many ways you can dress to kill or make an impression; however, you will not get one of them, which say you should wear skimpy or tight outfits. Additionally, if you are expecting to have a date soon with your dream girl, then you should keen read or follow these tips on how to dress appropriately. If you're dating a millenial girl, you should also have a look here.

1 You should never wear a khaki outfit.

It is a tip that most people will ignore because they seem to be perfect and a new trend.  Despite it being dressy in comparison to jeans or it looks more casual than the normal pants; you should not wear it on your first date.  Moreover, fashion expert is recommending not wearing it because it is sending a message you are going to a workplace and not a date.

 When they compare it to jeans, they are not sexy or classy like jeans.  Moreover, jeans are exclusive or fashionable and are slowly finding their place in the dating zone. Additionally, fashion experts no longer have any problem with one wearing jeans for their first dates. Besides, they are recommending it more than any other clothes.

2. You should avoid wearing a shirt that has strip lines.

You should remember it is your first date and you are not certain what she likes or dislike hence wearing a striped shirt might put her off especially if it is not her favorite designs. Moreover, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then wearing a polo or a subtle shirt. The latter is a shirt that does have a fine or acceptable pattern.

3.  You should wear a leather jacket.

Especially during winter, it is appropriate to wear leather jackets. Besides, there is no doubt; there is no other clothing that can match the elegance or masculinity of clothing comparing them with it. Moreover, a black leather jacket will never crush with your skin color or the clothes you are wearing.

4. You should wear light colors

You should spice up your black leather jacket by wearing a light colored shirt not unless you are meeting a Goth woman. Moreover, you should avoid wearing clothes that have beige colors as neutral colors represent boring nature, and you do not want her to interpret it like that. You should remind yourself that you want a flawless meeting hence everything should be perfect.

5. You should incorporate an exclusive watch.

 You should wear an elegant or nice watch depending on your likes. Moreover, wearing it, it takes you to a long way as it represents how you are organized, or you are a person who hates being late hence you do keep time. Furthermore, it is an attractive jewelry that does not necessarily define your class, but it shows you are stylish.

6. You should wear fitting boots

You should wear them, especially when you are staying late at night, and it might be cold. However, for your jeans or shirts alone, wearing sneakers or any matching footwear is right.


What to consider when dating a Scandinavian

I have been receiving many contacts by people who want to date a Scandinavian, especially after publishing or releasing my dating story with one of them. It is a scenario that I can simply relate to a person who is in the wrong relationship. He or she is in a wrong relationship, the more it gets ugly, the more they have the hope of relinquishing their relationship.

It is a similar case like when you want to date a Scandinavian. They are nice people; however, dating to them has slowly been losing its meaning. Moreover, it is a tough luck or imaging of a better working relationship when there is one. Although, they do know the meaning of dating, they are classifying it as some practices that are so traditional.

So you may wonder if they hardly date or marry how they make it to the list of the happiest people in the world. Moreover, how do they procreate or raise their kids when there is no family structure or foundation to support them? So, here comes the narration of my story. For some years, I was living in Norway while studying for my career.

It was during this period where I met Jan; he was a man in his late twenties. Our first meeting was awesome but intentional. It is because I was new in the school and I was going around just familiarizing myself with my new school compound. However, I do not know if it’s the same building color that was confusing or is it because I was so green; I ended in their class.

 I was looking lost since I could not remember where my class was, and I was going around the new class checking if I can be able to spot my class. However, now I was starting to attract some attention during that time I could hear some girls gossiping about me in low voices. The whole scenario was happening until I was standing where Jan was.

He was looking like a nice person unlike the mean people you find in upper classes who can either bully or mistreat you. I told him how I got lost and was requesting if he can show me how to find my way to my class. Additionally, he was kind enough to take me there.  Occasionally, he would, or I would greet him while going to my class and from we started developing a strong relationship.

Below are some of the features I was learning about their culture while I was in this relationship.

  • They rarely date or have church weddings; however, you can live together and raise your children.
  • They hardly flirt with strangers, for you to live in with them; your relationships must have been on for a longer period.
  • If you want to be marrying one of them, you should never expect him to ask you out for a dinner or lunch.
  • Moreover, they do not go to hotels with strangers. They find it embarrassing to sit with a person you hardly have a clue about him in the same table.

- You should train yourself for a long wait to live in with them. I am not saying that you will not find some who will introduce this initiative, he might be eager; however, those men who are eager to have relationships with you are probably the kind of men you would not want near you. Furthermore, they are hard to find. Research is showing more than twenty percent of Scandinavian men are afraid of involving themselves in relationships not unless you are willing to live with them by taking the first step.

- Moreover, you will never get a ride from or to the hotel, you are going to meet one of them. It is not because they are mean or selfish or insecure but prefer not to use their personal cars while going out for fun. However, for rural men, they will use their cars but for us who are living in the suburbs, most often we will ride a bicycle or buses or trams.

- Furthermore, they understand and accept it is not right to drink then drive home or your friends’ home. It is something that we should emulate them.

- The best part is their culture prohibits them to date more than one lady. The still stick to that rule, even though there are now so many online dating opportunities out there.  Additionally, it is not a bad thing unless you do not want commitments, or you are yet to decide which one they are the one.

Despite loving Jan, I could barely accept the fact that I would not have a church wedding it is against my beliefs, so we had to break up, and since I had completed my studies, actually I was working by then I left for my country.

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Amazing dos or don’ts of your hair for your first date

First date invitation from a woman usually is full of tensions or anxiety. Have you just received an invitation, and you do not know what to wear or which shoes will be perfect for you? You might be figuring out what you need to wear, however, as you prepare, you should not forget to style your hair.

Additionally, your hairs say a lot, the color or style that you have; one can use it to define your characters. Moreover, you should put more attention or emphasis on its looks. Most people have not had nice first dates as it is nerve- wracking or you are cautious about what to say or wear or do. Furthermore, it is the determiner, if you will have other subsequent dates.

How will your man react when he sees your hair the first sight, will determine if he like you or not. Moreover, recent studies show that men who are dating or searching to do fancy or notice the small things. Below are the smallest things that can make or break your first date experience.

What are the dos or don’ts for your hair on your first date?

You should maintain or apply a color that resembles your natural hair colors.

You will piss off a couple of men if you always attend their invitation with gray hairline popping out of your weave. Moreover, when these roots are visible, you can scare them because they will automatically think you are too old.

Additionally, a woman with these roots looks sloppy or careless and definitely that man will think you are not perfect for him. Moreover, if you cannot afford the costs of coloring your hair, then find alternatives from your stylist. On the other hands, single ladies should be more organized when searching for a partner.

You should trim your disorderly hair ends.

Despite having busy schedule your life must go as usual; hence, you should cut your hair ends to have that neat or smart look rather that flat ironing your hair that has different sizes its ends, you will look shabby. Moreover, you will make your man lose interest in you because they are looking for someone who has neat hair.

You should not overdo your hairstyle.

You should not have more than one color in your hairstyle not unless those two colors are complementing your hair color. Sometimes, I see people with white or blue or even brown hair braids all at once in their head, and it is wrong. Moreover, you are not exploring hair options but overdoing your style.

It is best if you will stick with one color that is corresponding with the shade of the place you are going to. For instance, an Australian woman going into an active place should do pony braids. However, when you overly do your hair, it sends a message that you are too expensive, and it might scare some men, however, not all.

You should keep your hair natural.

Most men dislike having women with weaves or wigs around them, however, some love them if it is properly kept. You should put on simple braids or curls or flat iron your hair and you are set to go on your first date.

You still need more ideas? Watch this video below or have a look at this Pinterest collection.

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My date experiences with Aussie men

I have severally been trying to date especially, men from the outskirts of Australia, and frankly, I have been un-successive. From my experience, I realized they have some issues that need to be addressed. Furthermore, they should know what to do or say at the right time. Below are some of the highlights that men need to address.

1. They should plan ahead.

It is vital for a man, especially from the rural to plan ahead when he wants to meet with the lady. Moreover, ladies love a man who is organized or knows what he is doing. Additionally, he should state the place or time; they should meet.  When a man initiates this conversation, it is better as it gives the lady confidence that the man is in charge.

2. He should pay.

A man should always set the bills; he should be preparing himself by having enough funds. Additionally, even when a lady is suggesting paying, you should not accept that as it might be a test. Furthermore, it will be awkward, when you initiated to have that date yet you are unable to pay.  Moreover, it is not the stage where you should allow that, maybe when you are an item. And please note: A study shows that 70% of men are happy to pick up the bill on the first date. 

3. He should be confident.

Nothing attracts ladies than a confident man. Despite coming from a rural and not from on the center, you should be confident of your actions or words.

4. He should impress the lady through his dressing.

I have had an unpleasant moment where a man who comes wearing suits to our date. Wearing suits along with a tie is not a bad idea; however, it is inappropriate to wear it to this event. You should wear a casual shirt that you did iron first before wearing it. Furthermore, it will not hurt brushing your teeth and smelling a nice perfume.

5. You should arrive on time.

A man should be at the meeting place even before your stated arrival time. However, if you late politely apologies for it.

When it comes to online dating, I usually use Zoosk. I have summarized a few more Infos on this app below:

What is Zoosk dating app?

It is an application where you can find males or females to date. Additionally, it is providing an easy platform for you to maneuver while browsing various profiles of single people. Furthermore, in this site, you can flirt with whomever, you want without any restrictions. Moreover, it is the number one dating application that will teach a person you like and another who likes you.

How available is this Zoosk dating app?

It is a free download application. Moreover, I will need permission to access other people’s mobile phone numbers.  Secondly, it will alert you when it has updates or been adding new features in your locality. Furthermore, you can chat as much as you want or with whoever you want, it has zero limitations.

Its features include

  • It usually customizes your introductions.
  • It allows uploading of real photos.
  • Flexible Chat or you can send unlimited messages.
  • It has a new matching making tool.
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