Amazing dos or don’ts of your hair for your first date

First date invitation from a woman usually is full of tensions or anxiety. Have you just received an invitation, and you do not know what to wear or which shoes will be perfect for you? You might be figuring out what you need to wear, however, as you prepare, you should not forget to style your hair.

Additionally, your hairs say a lot, the color or style that you have; one can use it to define your characters. Moreover, you should put more attention or emphasis on its looks. Most people have not had nice first dates as it is nerve- wracking or you are cautious about what to say or wear or do. Furthermore, it is the determiner, if you will have other subsequent dates.

How will your man react when he sees your hair the first sight, will determine if he like you or not. Moreover, recent studies show that men who are dating or searching to do fancy or notice the small things. Below are the smallest things that can make or break your first date experience.

What are the dos or don’ts for your hair on your first date?

You should maintain or apply a color that resembles your natural hair colors.

You will piss off a couple of men if you always attend their invitation with gray hairline popping out of your weave. Moreover, when these roots are visible, you can scare them because they will automatically think you are too old.

Additionally, a woman with these roots looks sloppy or careless and definitely that man will think you are not perfect for him. Moreover, if you cannot afford the costs of coloring your hair, then find alternatives from your stylist. On the other hands, single ladies should be more organized when searching for a partner.

You should trim your disorderly hair ends.

Despite having busy schedule your life must go as usual; hence, you should cut your hair ends to have that neat or smart look rather that flat ironing your hair that has different sizes its ends, you will look shabby. Moreover, you will make your man lose interest in you because they are looking for someone who has neat hair.

You should not overdo your hairstyle.

You should not have more than one color in your hairstyle not unless those two colors are complementing your hair color. Sometimes, I see people with white or blue or even brown hair braids all at once in their head, and it is wrong. Moreover, you are not exploring hair options but overdoing your style.

It is best if you will stick with one color that is corresponding with the shade of the place you are going to. For instance, an Australian woman going into an active place should do pony braids. However, when you overly do your hair, it sends a message that you are too expensive, and it might scare some men, however, not all.

You should keep your hair natural.

Most men dislike having women with weaves or wigs around them, however, some love them if it is properly kept. You should put on simple braids or curls or flat iron your hair and you are set to go on your first date.

You still need more ideas? Watch this video below or have a look at this Pinterest collection.

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